Tire Watch doesn’t make coffee

Tire Watch doesn’t replace a pilot and his ability, Tire Watch doesn’t show the results before the end of a race. WHAT TIRE WATCH DOES IS TO MONITOR YOUR TYRES!

Of course, Tire Watch could suggest you to take some vitamins when your blood pressure is very low, or a sedative when you are hypertensive, or some paracetamol when you have a fever.

But it doesn’t do that. Tire Watch monitors your tyres, and it is very good at it!

Tire Watch shows to the pilot the real-time pressure and temperature of all 4 tyres. It’s all very simple, yet extremely efficient.

How does it work?

A nice little black box, simple and autonomous, is mounted on the steering
wheel; it shows on its backlit LCD screen all the information coming from each wheel. If there are problems, the alarm diodes come on. Simple.

Information is transmitted by tiny UHF transmitters placed on ultra light sensors mounted on the rims. This set replaces classic valves and does not require any special balancing. Cool.

Which company manufactures it?

It’s LDL Technology, a young enterprise in Toulouse, which employs many high-tech expert engineers who have gained experience in the car electronics area.

Where can this system be used?

Initially designed for cars, Tire Watch has rapidly conquered the world of motorcycles, and it is easy to understand why … Trucks and public transport also use Tire Watch. Overall, there are almost 10 million devices in use and always with zero troubles!

In karting, Tire Watch is currently used in several countries all over the world by competition teams and manufacturers. Quite a success.

Especially because we are talking about karts.

We must admit that it is a sort of revolution. Pilots can receive real-time pressure and temperature information from each tyre. Data then transmitted to engineers and team members represents a key element to buy time and enhance efficiency. . Imagine its importance when it comes to chassis adjustments … It’s fantastic!

How much does it cost?

349 € taxes included, for the display and 4 probes: that’s it. Given current prices, it’s a real bargain!

Where can you buy Tire Watch?

www.tire-watch.com provides a lot of information.

If, instead you prefer the good old telephone, call 08 71 22 26 32 and you will receive all the information you need, at just the cost of a local call.

ST2R is the exclusive importer of TIRE WATCH system for karting.
If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please contact company ST2R via e-mail at: st2r@wanadoo.fr or by phone at 01 30 53 20 20.

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